About us...

Having spent more than 17 years in the telecommunications industry, our Director Rob Heldoorn founded Aria Telco Management in 2018.

Aria Telco Management exists for one very simple reason - to ensure our clients are given the best deal to suit THEIR needs, not the big telco company's.

We do this through multiple agreements across a number of the major players in the telco space, as well as wholesale agreements to ensure our clients are not paying more than they should be on their mobile, fixed line and internet services.

We then manage our client's accounts on-going so they never have to speak to a Customer Service team again!

If you've ever wanted somebody on your side when negotiating a new contract on your telco services, who knows how the big networks operate from the inside, and can ensure you're not being taken advantage of, then give Aria Telco Management a call for a no obligation discussion today.