Jabra Pro 920

Jabra Pro 920

Jabra Pro 920 is a entry-level headset series that offers all the essential features of a wireless headset. With a simple design and an attractive price point these headsets are optimized with all leading desk phone systems or unified communication platform making them very easy to deploy.


The simple and intuitive call-control buttons make it easy to control calls from the headset, a fact that increases employee adoption.


Jabra Pro 920 headset liberates users from their desks, enabling them to find documents and multi-task while talking on the phone. Employees can walk and talk up to 120m/350ft away from their desk, which increases productivity due to multitasking capabilities.


The Pro 920 offers crystal clear audio, as well as protective features like SafeTone™, which safeguards employees’ hearing by cutting off loud noises and securing safe average sound levels.